Sunday School 

Sunday Morning Groups meet at 10 AM on campus listed below are the classes available and the teacher of each class.

Nursery -Lisa Shuler 

Preschool - Jennifer Evans

Kindergarten- Monica Brinkley

1st and 2nd Grade - Sarah Holt

3rd through 5th Grade- Mandie Fowler

Students- Dusty Price and Janna Dillahunty

College and Career- Cody Watson

Young Adults- Walt Summers

Adults 1- Donnie Read

Adults 2- Sue Summers


D-Groups are single-gendered small groups of 3-5 Christians who meet weekly to hold each other accountable to read scripture, memorize scripture, evangelize, and live holy lives. These groups meet both on and off-campus although most group meet on campus at 5 PM. If you are interested in starting a group or joining one please see  Brother Cody.